This hair is 26” long 
Has a natural not slippery texture 
• Easy to braid 
• Anti bacterial
• Itch free
• Worry free 
• Non toxic 
• Black owned

I have done dull heads of knotless braids with less than 4 packs , they are very full hair is fluffy and easy to separate and manage perfect for pony tails and or crochet as well( not just braids & twist but the Senehalese and Havana Twost will definitely hit different)
The grip on this hair makes braiding fun and easy and that’s why I added it to the store 

You’ll also be happy to know that for a limited time 
Shipping is on me

100 packs at 2.50 a piece
For resale, professional and or personal use.

Colors available are 1 and 1b for wholesale rates

100 packs of pre stretched PARKWAY BRA