These locs are thick and natural looking -after searching far and wide for month’s , I bring you these Crochey locs.. they look like the butterfly locs I install for my clients by hand wrapping myself for hundreds of dollars for half the price just cornrow your hair - doesn’t have to be some fancy intricate design,  just some medium sized braids( not too tight) and boom you will use your complimentary-crochet hook to install themin as little as 45 minutes you will be saving time and money while not sacrificing on looks

I’vetried other locs they don’tlool like thesetgey don’t feel like this And they are basically just not a good look- if your looking for something shorter try out our 12 inch version those sell out fast and I’m sure these will also

I took the liberty of offering a 6 pack and individuals packs - most people will only need 6 packs with 12 locs per pack these thick locs don’t leave much gaps

18” Parkway BUTTERFLY LOCS ( for crochet )