Is a very silky soft wavy curl. think of it as a luxury version of deep twist hair . It's absolutely fabulous. This hair is a game changer I use this hair to add to the ends of my goddess, boho, mermaid gypsy style knotless boxbraids faux and distressed locs or twists. . Easy to use and super versatille, you can use it for so many styles including but not limited to ;


  • Goddess Braids or Twists
  • The ends and trimmings for Goddess Locs or Braids or Twists
  • Crochet styles

and more...


It's not easy to find good quality hair. This hair is easy to use and work with , doesnt get super tangled and it can last for months if and when installed properly.


There are plenty of resources on this site to help you achieve your desired look.


You can even mix and match colors which is always fun if your feeling brave.


BELOW youll find some info to help you determine the right amount of hair to purchase for your install. Be SURE TO TAG #DIYFAM and #DIYHAIRSUPPLY so we can show you off on the site , I know it's going to look amazing.




Amounts may vary depending on the size of your head , as well as the quantity and the thickness of each loc twist or braid.


Goddess Braids or Twists :

Shoulder Length 5-8 packs (cut)

Mid Back Length 7-10 packs

Low Length 7-10 packs



The ends and trimmings for Goddess Locs or Braids or Twists :

Shoulder Length 1-2 packs 

Mid Back Length 1-3 packs

Low back Length ( or longer ) 1-3 packs

Hip Length 8-13 packs


Crochet styles :

Shoulder Length 4-6 packs (cut)

Mid Back - Low Back Length 7-10 packs



  • COVID 19 has changed the world for safety purposes all sales are final.