This is the “ Flatbush Ave “ dubbed lash - these 25mm mega lashes are undeniably extra- if you hate eye contact don’t get these please... these are  all eyes on you lashes people will be mesmerized by you , confidence on 1000 I mean how can you not feel like a goddess in these it’s perfect for special occasions - I personally stashed about pairs for myself  because these are indeed my personal favorite for the days i want all the smoke- cuz I am not a snack I’m the whole cookout ok!!! And. These Flatbush lashes make dollars and cents - if u wonder what it would feel like to be a glamorous “baddie” for a day get em - step pulpit your comfort zone and stand on your greatness , it’s ll in fun  

Buy one for 10$
2 for 15$
Or 3 yes 3 for just 20$

They can be reworn several times 
These luxury lashes were made to last

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“ spread love it’s the Brooklyn way “

I named my first 6 styles after some of my favorite streets in #brooklyn it reminds me of how and when I came of age - I was ripping and running through these blocks , maybe my next set will be Bronx streets because that’s the other side of my story - but its #crownheights for me , it’s #bedstuy  for me , it’s #flabush for me , it’s #eastnewyork for me —

what’s your favorite block in the collection so far #sterlingplace #faltbushave #easternparkway #nostrandave #franklinave or #atlanticave

Flatbush Ave lash