This hair tamer is perfect for braiding your hair and taming the stubborn flyaways -tucking and managing your natural hair for a flawless  finish on your protective styles - the best edge control and or hair tamer available for braids locs Twist etc and especially for Knotless braids 

when you want that clean sleek and slick finish this gives you a professional look
So  I urge you to reach for this 

it’s my go to when it’s time to lay my edges without a crunchy flaky aftermath - keeping them healthy & safe in the meanwhile . So reach for this if you’re doing a ponytail ( not gorilla glue - don’t do that ) its Lara em free sulfate free alchohol free and it  is lightweight not sticky or oily 

Great and SAFE  to use on all ages and hair types specially coarse ones like mine 

Hair Tamer - for braids locs twist and EDGES